Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Proven Strategy To Get Your Site On Google Quickly

Before you can get your site on Google, the first thing you need to know is what Google is looking for. When people are searching for something, Google wants to give these people the best and most relevant information as possible. Google is looking for websites that has the keywords that the searcher was looking for, has unique content and is popular.
You first need to figure out what keywords you want to rank for, before you can get your site on Google's search engine. Google provides a free keyword tool that makes this research easy. What you want to look for is keywords that get just over 1000 searches per month and have under 5000 quoted results. You can check the quoted results by putting your keyword phrase in quotes "like this" and see how many results Google comes up with.
In order to get your site on Google for your chosen keyword phrase, you need to optimize your website. Write the content so, that your keyword phrase occurs 1-5 times every 100 words. You can do this with writing software, or if you can't afford that, you can just count on your own. Put your phrase in the URL, the title, your images, your links and of course, your text.
As I have mentioned before, Google loves sites that are popular. But how does Google know whether a website is popular or not? Backlinks! Backlinks are links to your website, from other websites. When a website is linking to your site, Google picks up on that and perceives your site as being popular.
However, one backlink is not equal to another. Here are the criteria for the perfect backlink:
- The link is on a page that has relevant content.
- The link is from a website that is popular itself.
- The link has the keyword phrase in the anchor text
- People are clicking on this link
But how do you get other sites to link to you?
Well, that's actually very easy. You see, what you are reading right now is an "Article". Articles are a great way to get relevant backlinks to your website. Write a couple of articles, linking to your website and "Ping" them using pingomatic.com. A ping let's search engines know that something new is created. You can do this for your own website as well.
Well there you have it. A very simple and effective way to get your site on Google's search engine quickly. All you need is a keyword phrase, an optimized website and some backlinks.
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